How To

Rules of Mancala

These rules can be found in the Settings of the app. Just click the gear in the top-right corner of the Main Menu to open the Settings, then press the button “How to Play” in the top-left corner of the Settings screen.

Then, click through the first four slides which explain the history of Mancala to see the rules shown below in the app.

  1. At the beginning of the game, four seeds are placed in each pit.
  2. Each player controls the six pits and their seeds on his side of the board.
  3. The player’s score is the number of seeds in the base to his right.
  4. Players take turns sowing their seeds.

    ⁃ On a turn, the player removes all seeds from one of the pits under their control.

    ⁃ Moving counter-clockwise, the player drops one seed in each pit in turn, including the player’s own base but not their opponent’s.

  5. If the last sown seed lands in an empty pit owned by the player, and the opposite pit contains seeds, both the last seed and the opposite seeds are captured and placed into the player’s base.
  6. If the last sown seed lands in the player’s base, the player gets a bonus move. There is no limit on the number of bonus moves a player can make in their turn.
  7. When one player no longer has any seeds in any of their pits, the game ends. The first player to clear his side moves all remaining seeds on his opponent’s side to his base, and the player with the most seeds in their base wins.