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Finishing Mancala Transition Overhaul

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- Mancala Progress Update -


Last week my friend who is a Polish electronic musician told me he wants me to safeguard a backup of his entire discography in case something happens to him or his computer. I met him a few years ago on SoundCloud and I love his music because it is unlike any kind of electronic music I have heard, and I consider myself a connoisseur of electronica/edm/techno/electro. He told me he would rather have someone who cares about his work to be a custodian and curator of it, unlike his friends and family.

So after he transferred it to me I have made a couple of copies of his archives, which took up several gigs of memory, but it is all worth it. He gave me permission to release it as long as I give him credit and include all appropriate information. I will probably do so in stages over a long period of time on my SoundCloud account.

other accomplishments on Monday
  • encrypted my passwords using my new X509Certificate
  • researched using certificates in conjunction with C# and SSL sockets


  • refreshed my knowledge of OpenSSL with keytool, created demo CA certificate, server certificate and test certificates for ‘Client A’ and ‘Client B’ entities



  • updated documentation of Mancala to reflect new backend design changes
  • read a few chapters of The Walking Dead



Talked to my friend on Zoom. He showed me how his cat Guillermo will catch a moth on command. His work as a grocer at a Whole Foods has him worried about being exposed to the Covid19 virus.

other accomplishments on Saturday
  • completed investigation using Allocations Instrument to find memory leaks which occur when creating a new local game
  • discovered bug when switching from “VS Computer” to “Online Game” mode via a “Your Turn” notification which interrupts the AI processing on a background thread
    • Resolved with “mutex-like” flags set by viewWillLeave()


Conducted more stress tests on the scenario of ‘switching from AI_GameScene to VS_Online_GameScene via notification.’ Previously it crashed once after my last fix but I did not have the debugger running at that time. Have not caught it since though. This problem is caused by the transition happening during a very small time frame so it is very rare and difficult to test manually.

other accomplishments on Sunday

Tested Jitsi with my martial arts instructor. Quality was poor but may have been degraded by the fact that I was joining the meeting w/ my Windows 10 Lenovo Ideapad and Macbook Air simultaneously, causing congestion on my local network.

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