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Shifting Back To Mancala App

Tags: mancala , Ubuntu , Secure Chat Server 2 , .NET , Congressional Dish , xcode tools ,

My Week in Review




  • got TestFlight feedback saying “the moving colors could make someone sick”
  • made the Chat Server C# prototype work after changing my Message class to a struct, now uses “Nullables” which are just like “Optionals” in Swift
  • setup Git for Secure Chat Server 2, learned how to use .gitignore (hint: files that already have been added to Git will not be ignored)
  • Thunderbird updated to support Enigmail (or vice-versa, not sure)



  • Governor Abbot opens Texas retail businesses after Covid19 lockdown
  • finished all Mancala documentation
    • uploaded Build_1.2.4 to TestFlight
  • helped Mom bathe three cats!


  • responded to TestFlight feedback from a graphic designer who tested Mancala and had UI critiques
  • started learning about Instruments and Time Profiler


  • used Time Profiler on Mancala while playing against my youngest sister to stress test the app
    • found abnormally high, sustained CPU usage at the end of the game when I was expecting very little

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