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Progress Update: Documentation, Documentation, Documentation

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My Week in Review


  • wrote more documentation of Mancala app source code
  • oil price was negative briefly in the futures market, which impacts my Dad’s industry directly
  • “Back to Work” initiatives start in United States after five weeks of Covid19 shutdown


  • added licenses to source code in Mancala
  • wrote more documentation and found bug affecting animation when capturing in Mancala
  • researched OpenVPN to be used with ProtonVPN on Linux


  • had lunch with my friend in North Spring, TX
  • wrote more documentation and fixed bug RE: capturing animation in Mancala apps


  • my musician friend in CO said he is using my suggestion for a cover he is making: “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads
  • wrote more documentation and performed regression testing Mancala
  • finished ‘phase 1’ of Secure Chat Server 2: getting the basic networking model to correctly serialize objects
  • found that Enigmail is incompatible with Thunderbird after TB updated to 68.7.0


  • went on a walk with Mom and talked on the phone with my younger sister in WA
  • had a Zoom meeting with my martial arts group
    • discussed emergency preparedness and learning to use ham radio for coordination in emergencies
    • used the opportunity to promote my app beta on TestFlight


  • completed Git management of Mancala app to have a separate branch for Build_1.2.3 that builds and runs correctly
  • donated to a popular podcast to have my note read on air and take the opportunity to advertise my app beta on TestFlight


  • Ubuntu crashed while I was recording a live stream of the podcast, was able to reset and log back in, but could not determine the cause of the crash.
    • I had just installed Audacity that morning to do the recording, and allowed my login to lock-out after the idle period while the podcast stream was playing and Audacity was recording

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