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Progress Update: Secure Chat Server 2

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My Week in Review


  • Picked back up on server prototype for my new project: Secure Chat Server 2
  • gave out public links for TestFlight to friends and family
  • promoted my TestFlight beta on Reddit


  • got the server prototype to run on multiple threads (one per client plus main for socket listening)
  • need to network with iOS developers in Houston area, find someone who knows how to leverage TestFlight experience


  • got the client prototype of Secure Chat Server 2 to use multi-threading
  • set up GnuPG key exchange with my first certificate I made on my Windows machine
  • finished setting up Proton Mail
  • created a revocation certificate for my Windows-based certificate


  • called my sister to wish her a happy birthday
  • multi-threaded chat server prototype is blocking when reading input from client


  • finished more documentation of source code in Mancala apps
  • celebrated my Mom’s birthday, assembled the new Wet Vac we got her for her birthday
  • played Splendor with my family (a great board game you should try)
  • talked to my youngest sister on FaceTime



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