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The Dreaded .pbxproj Archive

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The last three days have been a mini-nightmare for my Mancala project. It started when I began to use git to manage my beta builds in TestFlight in order to use crashlogs I receive in the future.

So on Friday, I tested out using git to make a new branch for the next build, 1.2.3. After I branched, I got an error saying my .pbxproj file was missing, and my project could not be compiled. I didn’t even know I had a .pbxproj file! So I created a new dummy project, took its .pbxproj file and injected it into my project and tried in vain to resolve my build errors.

Saturday, I kept trying but my simulator still wouldn’t run my app. After wasting hours on trying to repair the workspace, and trying to start with a fresh workspace, I finally found the lost .pbxproj file of the original project. It had been committed to the master branch but had not been brought over to my new branch for Build_1.2.3. It appears that this will fix things.

This morning I confirmed that reinjecting the original project.pbxproj file into my original .xcodeproj archive allows everything to compile normally. I had to create new copies of some source files for my new branch but I was able to successfully build and run the project, which is a huge relief. I was so close to deleting my project, and at one point, Googling “how to uninstall xcode completely”!! I was able to reorganize git and continue updating documentation in my source code. Now I know to be careful to:

  1. Always make a backup of the .xcodeproj and/or its internal .pbxproj archive
  2. Commit the .pbxproj file and don’t panic if nothing works anymore, you just need to commit a copy to the new branch.

These links all show people with the same problem I had, but from different causes. They did not give me the solution but they helped me out. They may help you:

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Permission errors

At one point I was trying to recreate my project in a new project, and I copied everything from the old workspace to the new one, so I was getting odd permission errors. I will include some of what I found here if anyone is interested, but be careful.

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